Singing Event: Spanish Fair Idol!!!

The BYU Spanish Fair is excited to announce that there will be a new event starting in 2019! For the first time, students will be able to participate in a singing competition, en Español. We believe this will be a wonderful opportunity for students to share their knowledge of Spanish through music. Because of the newness of the event and possible logistical challenges participation will be limited. Please see specific guidelines below.

  • Solos only, due to time constraints, at this point, we have chosen to only allow individuals to performance instead of groups.
  • One student per school. Only the student singing can perform to represent the school (no other students may act as accompanist). 
  • Scheduled Time, Each participant will have a scheduled time to perform, and will forfeit their opportunity if they are not present when their name is called. A schedule of performance times will be sent via email a few days prior to the event to the teacher whose email is included on the registration.
  • Language bowl and skits, Because of scheduling difficulties, students who participate in this event may not participate in the language bowl or skit.
  • Winner of Spanish Fair Idol, The winner of Spanish Fair Idol will have the opportunity to perform at the awards ceremony.
  • One minute of singing, Students must select a one-minute segment from the song that they want to sing.
  • Introduction, The student will take the stage. Then, before performing, the student will use Spanish to briefly (20 seconds or less) introduce themself and the song they will perform. For example, the student should state their name, what school they are from, what song they will sing, and maybe a sentence or two about why they like the song.
  • Props are not allowed, Students may wear an appropriate (modest, non-revealing) costume, but they may not use props. A student may have an acoustic musical instrument that they will use to accompany their own singing, if he/she wishes
  • Pre-approval of song from BYU, Either students or their teacher must send the song with the lyrics to BY MARCH 15th for approval. These materials are part of the competition and the following must be included:

– Format of media: mp3 file or YouTube video. If YouTube, specify starting and stopping point. If the student would like to record a friend playing guitar or piano and submit that as an .mp3 file, we will more than happy to let them use that for their performance. 

-Appropriateness: lyrics and any physical movements

-Word document containing the lyrics of the song in the following format

*Song title bold centered

*Name of artist (parentheses country of origin of artist)

*Complete song lyrics, id. verses and chorus

*Portion of song being sung highlighted or bolded

*Times New Roman, 11 pt.

*Justified left

*Normal margins

*Correct spelling and punctuation of the words

Please see this EXAMPLE of pre-approval formatting: EXAMPLE entry Spanish Idol

NOTE: Email from Dr. Brian Price, Spanish Idol head judge

Dear performers and educators: 

My name is Brian Price and I am a faculty member in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Brigham Young University. This year it will be my honor to judge the first ever Spanish Fair Idol! I’m really looking forward to the event. Music is a great way to get involved with Spanish and Spanish American culture. 

The organizers of the language fair have asked me to make a quick clarification about Spanish Language Idol. If, after reading this, you have any questions, I will be more than happy to respond by email. 

On the Spanish Fair website, it says that we are only accepting solo acts lasting one minute. We have asked that mp3s or Youtube videos of backing tracks be submitted by email. We did include a caveat that “A student may have an acoustic musical instrument that they will use to accompany their singing.” By this we meant that the student performing could play and sing at the same time if he or she wished. 

On a couple of the submissions we received, students listed both a singer and an accompanying musician. While I appreciate the spirit of camaraderie that comes from playing with another musician, for the purposes of this event, we are only allowing one person–the singer being evaluated–on stage. 
If the student would like to record a friend playing guitar or piano and submit that as an .mp3 file, we will more than happy to let them use that for their performance. To help students for whom this might cause some inconvenience, I  am extending the deadline for submitting audio files and lyrics until Friday, August 22. Below you will find the criteria for submission. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me ( In the meantime, I look forward to reviewing everyone’s materials and hearing their performances soon!