We regret to inform you that the 2022 Spanish fair is officially cancelled. The measures taken recently by the state of Utah and Brigham Young University made it impossible and probably unwise to continue with the event this year. We will provide you with information about if and how we can provide reimbursements in the near future. We appreciate the decades of support from teachers, parents, and students and look forward to seeing you all at the Spanish Fair in 2023.

Please plan to register for the 2023 BYU Spanish Fair starting in February 2023.

Please read the information found on the registration page before registering. Email spanishfair@byu.edu if you have any questions.

Please email spanishfair@byu.edu if you are not able to complete your payment (third page of registration) and we will send you a new link to the payment page. Do not register multiple times in order to get to the payment page. Check your email for the registration confirmation, which should go through even without the payment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Click here to download a sample version of our Registration Form.

AFTER FEBRUARY 1, 2021: Registration will close once we have reached our 2,500 student limit OR on March 15, 2021. If the registration limit has been filled before March 15, you may sign up on the waitlist. Please click here to sign up on the waitlist. Any sign up information submitted via the waitlist BEFORE registration has been closed will be disregarded.