General Instructions

1. Any number of students may participate in the skit. However, students who are participating in a skit MAY NOT participate on a Language Bowl Team. This is due to the playoff nature of the Bowl competition in which schedule conflicts often arise.

2. The total presentation will NOT exceed 10 minutes. One student shouldintroduce the group and title of the skit at the beginning in Spanish. Parts should be memorized and given in Spanish. No note cards may be used.

3. The skit group will be responsible for bringing all props, costumes, and any other equipment needed, such as CD players, speakers, etc. The setting up and dismantling of props and scenery must be done immediately before and aftereach presentation and will be included in the 10 minute time limit for the skit. HINT: Keep it simple.

4. Musical and talent numbers may be included ONLY IF THEY INVOLVE ORAL USE OF SPANISH.

5. Skits will be judged on presentation, language proficiency, staging, time limit, pronunciation and projection. PLEASE TEACH THEM TO SPEAK LOUDLY, CLEARLY & DISTINCTLY!


The term skit may be expanded to include other types of memorized dramas such as: parody on classroom activities, scenes from famous plays, cultural mini-dramas, simulations of real-life situation, etc.