General Instructions

1. Students are to select one poem from those listed in their level (Middle School/Junior High 2nd year traditional OR Middle School/Junior High 3rd year traditional or non-traditional). They must have the poem memorized. (They will NOT be allowed to read it or use note cards). In extreme cases of minds blanking out, the judges will prompt them.

2. Students should begin by introducing themselves and the name and author of the poem they will recite. It might go something like this: Me llamo Manolo Metepatas, y voy a recitar “Canción de jinete” por Federico García Lorca.

3. PLEASE work with your students not only on pronunciation but also on dictionand projection. Teach them to speak up so they can be heard.

4. Students should know what the poem is about. The judges may at the end of the recitation ask a question, such as: ¿Qué son aceitunas? ¿Dónde está Córdoba?