I’m a BYU Spanish student and I want to help at Españolandia! What do I do?

Thank you for being willing to help! Please click here to sign up to volunteer at Españolandia. We will need your help on Thursday, April 20th (Reading Day) from 7:00 AM until noon. Please read the following PDF before coming to the event, as it contains important information for volunteers: Para voluntarios 

1)  Select the station where you wish to work.  Please sign up for only ONE station. If you have a valid food handler’s permit for the state of Utah, please sign up for the restaurant.

2)  We will try to honor your choices, but may have to ask you to be flexible depending on our final number of registrants and available volunteers.

3)  Attend the training meeting on Thursday, April 13, 2023 from 11:00  AM to noon in JFSB B-190. 

4)  On Thursday April 20th, meet at 7:00 AM in JFSB B152 to help us carry materials to the 3rd floor of the Wilkinson Center.  We only have one hour to get everything set up before students arrive at 8:00 AM, so please try to be on time!

5)  Stay from 8:00 AM until noon.

6)  Help carry boxes back to JFSB B152.

7)  Exchange your volunteer coupon for your food from the Españolandia restaurant as our thank you for your help!

We would not be able to provide the 2,500 middle and high school students who have already registered to attend this year a high quality experience without your support. ¡Muchas gracias!

What should I wear?

If you have a costume or clothing from a Spanish-speaking country, you might want to wear it; soccer jerseys, or t-shirts with phrases in Spanish are also great. Please don’t wear shirts or sweaters with words or names in English (such as BYU shirts). If possible, try to match the station you signed for (ie., if you signed up for the bank, dress business casual so you can look more like a banker.)

We have some uniform jackets for customs officers and policemen, as well as vests for the hotel workers and lab coats for the pharmacists. If you are working at the restaurant, bakery, or fruit stand, you may want to bring an apron (we have some available if you do not have one).

¡No se habla inglés en Españolandia!

Please don’t speak English with students. They need to obtain 7 stamps in their passports to leave Españolandia by participating in at least 7 different activities (booths). Help them to earn their stamps by speaking and practicing Spanish. Study the conversation topics and phrases of your station since students expect that you will ask them what they have study (available here and also in the boxes at your stations.) If there is a big line of students waiting, maintain a short conversation with them so they can earn their stamp. However, if you are not too busy, feel free to carry on the conversation and ask them about their family, school, likes, etc. Remember that many of these students are beginning Spanish students. Help them understand you by speaking slowly and clearly, using gestures and facial expressions, and giving options such as this or that sentences (ie., Do you like reading (gesture for book) or watching movies (gesture for watch)?).

Additional information – VOLUNTEER TRAINING VIDEO: