General Instructions

1. The student selects one of the topics below and prepares a talk in Spanish. He/she may have the teacher correct the grammar or suggest appropriate vocabulary words, but the thought and content must be the student’s. The teacher is NOT allowed to write the talk.

2. The talk is to last from 2 1/2 to 3 minutes and students are encouraged to keep within the time limit.

3. The talk is to be given from memory; it is NOT to be read, nor may notes be used.

4. The student should introduce self and announce the subject of the talk. For example: “Soy Juan Monopatines y voy a hablar sobre la influencia de lo indígena en la vida mexicana.”

5. At the end of the talk, judges will ask simple questions in Spanish, such as: “En México, ¿qué es un taco?”

6. Students will be judged on pronunciation, content, presentation and expression, conformity to time limit, and response to questions.


These are meant to be general. A wide latitude of variation will be allowed with each subject. Students may give their talk any title.

  • Un libertador de Latinoamérica (Simón Bolivar, José de San Martín, etc.)
  • La influencia de lo indígena en la vida de México (o Guatemala, o Bolivia, etc.)
  • El valor de estudiar un idioma extranjero.
  • España: una democracia moderna.
  • ¿El cine o la televisión?
  • El terrorismo en el mundo de hoy.
  • El país subdesarrollado en Latinoamérica.
  • ¿Podría eso pasar aquí? (eso can refer to anything)