Welcome to the Spanish Language Fair & Españolandia

The Spanish Language Fair is an annual, competitive event designed to allow middle and high school students to showcase the language skills they have acquired from studying a foreign language.

Spanish Language Fair – Consists of competitions in these categories:  Language bowl, humorous stories, impromptu conversation, impromptu talks, poetry recitation, prepared talks, show and tell, and skits

Españolandia — A simulated travel experience to a Spanish-speaking country that allows fair attendees to practice their conversational skills after completing their competitive event


1)  Registration will open on Monday, February 6, 2017.

2)  Register online through this website when registration opens.

3)  Registration will close when 2,500 students have been registered (due to space limitations and fire code regulations).

4)  There is a registration limit of 100 students per school.

5)  Only middle and high school students enrolled in Level 2 or higher are eligible to participate.

6)  Every student MUST participate in at least one competitive Spanish Language Fair event.

7)  Students may NOT come with the intent of attending Españolandia only. Participation in Españolandia is offered as a reward to those who have worked hard to prepare for the competitions.

8)  Sometimes, credit cards are denied if you do not use the exact same address as the one that appears on the credit card’s billing statement.

Direct registration questions to SpanFair@byu.edu or (801) 422-8466.

Thanks for your commitment to providing high quality language learning experiences for your students.  We look forward to seeing you in April!


Note on Elementary School Participation:

We regret that BYU can no longer host elementary school students at any of our foreign language fairs, (including the Spanish Fair), because we can no longer accommodate the number of schools that wish to attend. However, UVU is now hosting an annual Dual Language Immersion Fair for 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade elementary students.  For more information on participating in UVU’s Dual Language Immersion Fair please click here.

BYU Provo Campus – Wilkinson Student Center


Questions? E-mail: SpanFair@byu.edu