BYU students: click here to sign up to volunteer at Españolandia. We will need your help on Thursday, April 19th (Reading Day) from 7:00 AM until noon. 

Españolandia is a simulation of a Spanish-speaking country and a very fun communicative experience for students!

By registering your child for Españolandia, you grant permission for your child to be photographed or videotaped by Brigham Young University for educational, promotional, and training purposes. We will not identify your child by name in any promotional activity. Thank you for your support of our program! Click here to download the Media Release Form.

There is a $4 registration fee for each student. We use the fee to cover our costs and we will send you (by USPS mail) a passport and a guide for each student. Please send the registration form and money as soon as possible so we can send the passports by return mail. Teachers and accompanying parents or chaperons are admitted for free, but need a pase diplomático, which will be sent with the passports and guides.

The Visitors’ Guide to Españolandia is available on the Internet

You can print your guides and practice the different activities in your class. Make them part of your curriculum or use some of the actividades preparatorias.  It is very rewarding for the students to see that they can function and have fun with the language by using what they have learned in class.

Please do simulations in your classes and prepare your students before coming! Visiting Españolandia can be as exciting as going to a real Spanish country (almost)!

Don´t procrastinate!  Discuss Españolandia immediately with your students, determine who will be coming, collect the $4 registration fee from each student, and submit your registration with the payment.

We will have the usual activities this year, and many things to buy including many recuerdos de Españolandia. Encourage your students to buy food or lunch from our Mexican panadería or restaurante and not “junk food” from the vending machines or American fast food at the Cougareat – this is a cultural experience and allows them to practice their Spanish.

Also, please remind students and chaperones that they cannot use English in Españolandia (they might end up in jail—it is a terrible offense to the citizens of Españolandia).

Questions or suggestions?

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