Bienvenidos a Españolandia

Españolandia simulates a travel experience to a Spanish-speaking country.  Visiting Españolandia can be as exciting as going to a real Spanish country (almost)!

To make your visit to Españolandia as successful as possible, here are a few things you need to know:

  • What will students do in Españolandia?
    • Visit a variety of “places” (i.e., bakery, clothing store, hotel, pharmacy, post office, souvenir store, etc.)
    • Complete a different activity at each “place” (i.e., clear customs, exchange money, register at the hotel, obtain “medicine” at the pharmacy, mail a postcard, etc.)
    • Speak in Spanish at each “place” to earn a passport stamp
    • Obtain at least 7 passport stamps to exit Españolandia* (This ensures they use their Spanish in a variety of different interactions)

*If a student doesn’t have 7 stamps on his or her passport, but needs to leave Españolandia for another event or to use the restroom, they can leave and come back but they come back through the exit, not the main entrance (they don’t need to go through customs, the bank, and the metro again. Police at the exit will check their passport).


  • How can I prepare my students for Españolandia?
    • Don´t procrastinate! Discuss Españolandia immediately with your students, determine who will be coming, collect the $4 registration fee from each student, and submit your registration with the payment.  (Note:  Teachers and accompanying parents or chaperones are admitted free, but need a pase diplomático.)
    • Do simulations in your classes to prepare students before coming.
    • Make the simulations part of your curriculum or use some of the actividades preparatorias.  
    • The Visitors´s Guide to Españolandia is also available online so that you can practice each activity in your class.  
  • What should students bring? 
    • Their completed passport (we will mail this to you)
    • Their visitor’s guide (we will mail this to you)
    • 10 U.S. cents to enter the subway (this gives students practice exchanging money)
    • The name and complete address of a family member, friend, or Spanish teacher to whom they wish to send a postcard
    • Optional: Money to buy food and souvenirs while in Españolandia if desired
  • Are students required to spend money while in Españolandia?
    • NO! Students do NOT have to spend money to earn a passport stamp. They just have to visit the shops, ask prices, and converse in Spanish.
  • What will happen if a student misbehaves or disrupts Españolandia’s activities?
    • Students will be escorted out of Españolandia.
    • The student’s school will lose points in the overall Foreign Language Fair competition.
    • Also, please remind students that they cannot use English in Españolandia (it is a terrible offense to the citizens of Españolandia, so students who use English might end up in jail!).

Questions or suggestions?

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